Which end is up?

When I coached college women and high school girls and boys I always had a card file in my head with coaching sayings that I used to motivate my athletes to higher levels of performance.  One of those statements I wrote about in an earlier post about the tube of toothpaste – that was Coach’s Talk #232.  🙂

Another phrase that I used (and still use at times) during practices and games to help encourage my players push harder was:

Head down … butt up!

HeadDownButtUpWhen your head is down and your butt is up you are digging deep, and pushing hard.  But do you know what?  You’re going to make mistakes and that’s great!  That’s right, mistakes are awesome.  Because if you’re not making mistakes, then you’re head is up and your butt is down and you’re playing it safe.

So how can you make a shift today and push yourself to the edge?  When you’re in the midst of a task, ask yourself, “Which end is up?”

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