What’s your wall?

Since moving back to the west in 2012, I’ve been able to enjoy my favorite baseball team, the Angels.  We’ve driven the 4 hours to So Cal and watched quite a few games and become familiar with the players … especially the center fielder, Mike Trout.

Trout is an amazing athlete who defies gravity at times … here’s one example:

Trout Allison Shadow

On this catch he went up and came down against the wall – he saved a home run for his team.

But here’s an even more amazing catch …  take a look: Trout’s Awesome Catch

Did you watch?  What did you think?

Yep, he actually climbed the wall … reached over it … and caught the ball, robbing another batter of a home run!  And I was there!!!  So much fun <big grin>

Now it’s your turn

What wall do you need to scale to grab that ball and steal the home run from the batter who is trying to beat you?  Is your wall

  • Fear?
  • Frustration?
  • Disorganization?

In fact, what’s the ball that you’re going after?

  • Is it the June goal for your business or ministry?
  • Or could it be the need to clarify the vision of your audience or ideal client?
  • Maybe it’s deciding which social media tool is best for you and your business or ministry.

Whatever the WALL you can get over it

… Whatever the BALL  you can catch it

… start here with me …

3 Steps to Scale the Wall & Catch the Ball

  1. Stop striving – Philippians 4:6 NLT
    • Take a deep breath and let go
    • Talk to yourself …. quietly of course – unless you’re alone …
      • Tell yourself “let go” “give it over” “breath”
  2. Write … write … write – Psalm 145:6 MSG
    • Take 5 minutes for the next week and write
    • Take 10 minutes for 3 weeks after that
    • It doesn’t matter what you write – clear your mind by putting your thoughts down – you can even ask questions
  3. Pray – Psalm 27:7 NLT
    • Spend time sharing your thoughts and feelings with God
    • Listen – ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you
      • This goes with #2 – write down what you hear or the impressions/ideas you’re getting

I’m going take these steps myself.

Let’s share how this goes and what we learn.

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