Whaaaat? That’s not what I thought!

Have you ever thought you knew what something was … only to find out there was more to it?  That’s the cool thing about looking at something from different angles … it opens our eyes to new perspectives.

Seal Beach

Kind of like the difference between a regular Google map and Google Street View, which gives us a whole new perspective.

In the Kick Perfectionism to the Curb series I get all Greek geeky and share the Greek meaning of the word perfect that Jesus used when He told His followers to be “perfect like our Heavenly Father is perfect” … It is SOOOO not anything near how we define it.  It’s NOT flawlessness or without defect.  It’s NOT about living up to the Photoshop images of Hollywood that we see everyday.  NOPE … God’s perspective is totally different.

The Greek word for perfect is all about being who God created you to be.  God didn’t create us to be perfect in the world’s eyes … He created us with specific gifts, talents, likes, dislikes, and He wants us to be fully who He knows we can be.

That idea can be scary … especially if we don’t like ourselves.  So let’s practice seeing ourselves as God sees us … that means we need to find our true, God-created, selves and live in God’s grace.

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