We’ve Unmasked the Content Management Monster!!

Happy Halloween!

What will you be doing tonight?  Handing out candy to kids in their costumes and masks?  Going to the movies to avoid the deluge of candy seekers?  Dressing up in your costume and mask for a party with friends?  Whatever it is … HAVE FUN!


Over the past few weeks we’ve snatched the mask off the content management monster and gotten a good look at what’s going on behind the curtain.  You now have some basic principles and processes to put into practice and some really effective tools to get organized and to push that content out.  Get ready because you’re really going to see things happen!!

The last step to help you take all that you’ve learned to the next level and really blow the socks off your clients by meeting their needs is ALL ABOUT YOU!

That’s right, it’s time to remove the last mask so that your message reflects exactly who you are.  It is so important to be authentic and avoid hiding behind the mask of what we think people want — that mask will take over our lives and limit every .  Taking off this mask provides our followers and clients with a true picture of who we are, so they can freely be who they are.

So let’s take off that mask and throw it down!!  Try these suggestions for stepping out from behind your mask and its limiting beliefs:

1. Get to know yourself

Find a quiet place to sit and write.  Ask yourself: What are some of my strengths?  What are some of my shortcomings?  What are my dreams?  What would my perfect day look like?  Where do I want to be in 1 year?  3 years?  5 years?  Try a personality inventory or two and see what insights you get.  Take a good look at what you’ve written and see what changes you want to make to better be the real you and communicate your best self to your followers and clients.

2. Embrace your imperfections

None of us are perfect — that means we have to accept that fact and deal with ourselves.  It also means that when I accept that I’m not perfect, I accept that about other people, too.  If you know that perfectionism is an issue, click HERE and check out my 7-part audio series, Kick Perfection to the Curb.  You’ll finish it with a new understanding of how perfectionism affects you and those around you … and you’ll know what to do to change this mindset.

3. Live in the present and plan for the future

I don’t know about you, but when I get overwhelmed with all I have to do I have a tendency to think about the future … day dream about next year or next month or tomorrow.  I can get so future minded that I’m of no good in the present.  So what I do is start getting organized and plan out my days and weeks.  I refocus on my purpose and goals … business, personal, spiritual, physical … and break down what I need to do into manageable chunks — hmmm … sounds familiar. <big grin>  Organizing your time, mapping out your goals and the steps to achieve them, and scheduling out your day can really help you beat the overwhelm and get your day so you can build into your future.


Be yourself — it’s your imperfections that draw other people to you!


What are your plans for the last 60 days of 2016? 
What are your thoughts about 2017?
Need someone to bounce ideas off of?

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When we finish talking you will have a plan that you can implement immediately.

I can’t wait to coach YOU to success!!