Up Periscope! Who Do You See?

We’re starting our Content Management Tour by answering the question “Who do you see?”  Last week I shared three easy steps to get you going with content management.  The first step was deciding what information your clients and audience need from you.  Well, if you’re like me it really helps to see examples.  So let’s start there.

BUT WAIT!!  First let’s talk about what in the world content management is.  When I first saw the term a while back I thought, “I’m not even sure what content to share, much less how to manage it!”  What comes to mind for you?

Well, after Googling (I can’t believe that’s a verb!) “content management” here’s the definition I came up with:

The processes and technologies that support the creation, collection, organization, curation, management, and publication of information in the form of text, images, video, audio, and multimedia to meet the needs of the target audience.

Now that I understand exactly what content management is I want to know how some of the thought leaders in my field are managing their content.  I follow people like Amy Porterfield, Marie Forleo, and Michael Hyatt.  All three of these entrepreneurs have business objectives that are similar to mine, so they’re great models for me to learn from.

Who are some thought leaders that you can follow?  Who can you best learn from?  Who do you want to model your content management approach after?


Let’s look at the each of my choices and see how they manage their contenthow they share  information with their audience.

Amy has a weekly iTunes syndicated podcast where she shares content with a How-To objective.  She posts her podcast info on her blog and social media — multiple outlets with the same content is a very efficient and simple approach.

Marie’s website has this statement on it, “My work (and this site) is devoted to sharing ideas, tools and resources that will help you create, well, anything.”  She achieves these objectives through MarieTV (video); and just like Amy she puts the same content in multiple locations.  Seeing a pattern here?

Michael has an iTunes syndicated podcast every Monday.  Then on Wednesday and Friday he has a content-packed blog post — lots of information for his followers to choose from.  This is the most complicated content management approach of the three … and I’m sure Michael has a team helping him.

In addition, all three offer a variety of online courses where they get very, very specific with their content.

This brings us to an important point:

Each information outlet enables different levels of content detail and each serves a distinct purpose for getting your information out.


As you can see, it is so, so, so important to plan this process to ensure success.  The process also emphasizes the need to start by knowing our clients, selecting the content that will help them meet their goals, and choosing the most effective set of information outlets.


At this point in my business I’m sticking with Amy’s approach to content management – creating the content once and then sharing it through multiple outlets.  I’ve decided to share my content with everyone on my email list, transfer the content to my blog (which is where you are now), and then share the blog post link on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  This gets the content out through four media outlets — I can add more later, but I know that my ideal client hangs out on Facebook, uses Twitter, and reads a variety of blogs.

How about you — what is your ACTION?

»» What thought leaders do you … or will you … follow?

»» What content do you share with your audience?

»» What outlets will you use … or are you using … to share your content?  What is your plan?

I’d love to hear!!  Just leave a comment below.

Tune in next week for Part 2 of the Content Management Tour.


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  • Hi Cheri, I enjoyed your post! I encourage homeschooling moms who homeschool from a biblical perspective through my literature-based curricula and content. Currently I have a blog, business Facebook page, Twitter account and am fairly active on them. But I could do better. 🙂 I probably should also be on Pinterest, but haven’t taken the plunge yet. My content falls in under the categories of “how to homeschool,” and “encouragement while you homeschool. ” My challenge is always to work “on” the business as I work “in” the business. Thanks for your tips!