Tech Tool Thursday, November 5

Google Docs

In the first Tech Tool Thursday, I shared how to access the Google Suite, which is made up of Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms.  So I thought I’d share a few more specifics about Google Docs today.
Google Docs
Once you’ve logged into your Google account, click on the 3×3 squares in the upper right hand corner of your Gmail page.
Google docs 2
Now click on the Google Drive icon.
Google docs 3
Next, click on the NEW button and then choose Google Docs.
Google docs 4

You should see a blank word processing document.  So before you go to far, give your document a name.  Click on the Untitled document and begin typing.  You can change it at any time, so don’t worry about coming up with the perfect name.
Take a look at all the items below your title in the image above.  If you’ve used other word processing programs you probably recognize File, Edit, View, Insert, etc.  Click and experiment with them so you become familiar with how Google sets everything up.
In the image below you’ll see a row of icons and drop-down menus that give you even more choices.
Remember, you can share your Google documents with anyone.  Also, as shown below, you can download your document in a variety of file types: Word, PDF, etc.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The formatting doesn’t always transfer, so if you download it as a Word document, you will probably have to redo the formatting.
At any time you can go back to your Google Drive to create or delete documents.

Bonus Feature

Remember that time you were cranking on a document … you came up with the best ideas and were on a roll and then all of a sudden your screen froze … or went black … or your computer ran out of juice?
Well worry no more …
  • Google automatically saves your work every few seconds.
  • To see all the changes that you’ve made,
    • click on File
    • then click on See revision history.
This is a great feature especially when you’re working on a document with other people …
Oh, did I forget to tell you that?
Yep, you can work simultaneously with at least 100 people … in the same document.
Great way to brainstorm or work on a project without the hassle of emailing documents back and forth.

So how did you do with Google Docs?

  • What feature surprised you?
  • What did you like best about using Google Docs?
  • What will you use Google Docs for in the future?

Please let me know if you have any questions.