Tech Tool Thursday — Creating Color Palettes for Your Images

I saw this great post on Facebook this week and thought it might be a good tool to share with you.  Have you ever wondered what colors go with an image?  Have you taken a really cool picture — or found one on Pixabay (free pictures) — that you want to use for an inspirational post, but you’re not sure what color font or background to use?

Well that’s what came up for me when I saw that FB post by Sarah Hackman.  She said, “Google an image for your favorite thing and add the words color palette.”  Go ahead, try it.  I put in “surfing color palette” and here’s what I got:

Take a minute and go try it.  Pretty cool, huh?

But I wanted MORE!  These are great pictures to look at, but I can’t use them for anything.

So I did a quick search, “find color palette from image” and found this even cooler tool, Pictaculous.

Now you can create a color palette for your images.  Here’s what it brought up from a picture of me in Hawaii.

Next, I went to Canva, uploaded my picture, and copied the number under the color swatches and used it for the font color.

Each of the color swatches is a live link that will take you to a new webpage with the color numbers.

I ended up using the pink, but I didn’t like how dark it was, so I lightened it and here’s the result:

There are so many ways to use these tools — take some time and play.  If you need help, send me a note and we can spend some time together.

Have fun!!