Tech Tool Thursday: Choosing a Browser + a Bonus

I was thinking about some of the tools that we use that are never explained and I came up with web browsers — so here’s a quick tutorial about how to choose the best ones.

First of all … what’s a browser?  Well, when you’re reading through posts on your Facebook page OR looking for a good deal on Amazon … you’re using a browser.  When you bought your computer it came with a browser — Safari on a Mac and Internet Explorer (IE) on a PC.

If you’re still using those default browsers, it might be time to step out and try a new one.  Why change if it’s working? Because other browsers provide better interactions for your online adventures, increased security, better extensions and more.

The best thing to do is download some different browsers and experiment.  If you’re not sure what browser you’re using, click on this link to What Browser Am I Using?  This page will give you some good information:

  1. What version of the browser and how to update it – be sure to use the latest version
  2. Links to other browsers

Here’s a quick over of my top 3 browsers:

  1. Google Chrome
    1. One of the fastest
    2. Easy interface
    3. Extensions and Add-ons to customize the browser for your needs
    4. Sync with other computers and mobile devices
  2. Firefox
    1. Fast and secure – I’ve had some issues with it on my Mac; it really bogs down
    2. Thousands of add-ons for customization
    3. Sync with other computers and mobile devices
  3. Opera
    1. The fastest of all three of these browsers
    2. Limited add-ons

I’ve been using Firefox for years.  I have my favorite theme, got my tabs where I want them, and all my shortcut links below those tabs … BUT … more and more I’m getting the spinning circle of death when I use that browser.  So, I downloaded Opera and am using it again after 8-10 years.  I love it … it’s so quick loading pages — especially my email pages.

I run Chrome at the same time.  I’ve found that browsers perform better for certain pages — I haven’t used Firefox for Facebook in a long time — I always use Chrome.  Now I’m using Opera for my email.

That’s why you need to experiment and figure out which browser you like best for your most trafficked pages.


Last week I shared all about color palettes and using Pictaculous to match the colors of your images.

One of the coolest add-ons for Chrome is the Color Picker.  Once you’ve downloaded and installed Chrome

  1. Go to Settings (upper right corner you’ll see three vertical dots – click on them)
  2. Click on Extensions
  3. Now click on Get More Extensions and you’ll be at the Web Store.
  4. Type in Eye Dropper and it will come up with some others — click Add to Chrome.

You’ll now see the little eye dropper to the right of the address bar at the top of the browser.

Click on the eye dropper and this window will come up.  Now click on Pick color from web page.  This pop-up window will disappear and you’ll see an arrow with a little box.  As you scroll over the different colors of a page you’ll see the color in the box change.  When you see the color you want, click once.

To get the color number, click on the eye dropper again and you’ll see the color, like above, and all you have to do is copy and paste the color number in the top left corner of the colored box.  I use this tool with Canva, WordPress (where you are right now), and Aweber so I can make sure my branding is consistent.

Time to go have some fun!!  If you need help, leave a comment below and we can spend some time together helping you master these tools.