Tech Tool Thursday: A Traveling We Will Go …

I was thinking about tech tools I use that might be useful for you … and thinking … and thinking.

You see, I’m posting this late because I’m in Atlanta for my Walden job.  I travelled all day yesterday, had meetings last night, and then all day today.  So it hit me — share some of the apps I use when I travel.  So here we go … drum roll!!

NOTE:  These are all iPhone apps — Android users, let me know if you can get them, too.

iPhone Apps

YouVersion Bible — Great app for many versions of the Bible and for some awesome devotions.  I actually use it all the time, but it’s a must-have when I leave home.

Southwest Airlines — Pretty much the only airlines I fly.  I can check my flight, have notifications sent, access my boarding pass, and even make reservations.

Weather Channel and MyRadar — I have to know what the weather is like so I can pack the right clothes. When I arrived in Atlanta yesterday it was 39° — when I fly home next Wednesday it will be 85°.  Needless to say I had to pack smart.  MyRadar shows me what the current radar looks like and what’s coming toward me.

Google Maps — Helps me find stores, restaurants, and shops.

Altimeter — I like knowing the altitude … what can I say?

Waze — Put in my destination and it charts the course.  Includes speed limits, road hazards, and more.

Uber and Lyft — I don’t take taxis or shuttles any more.  These are cheaper and usually cleaner because the drivers use their own cars.

iPhone Apps

FitBit — I’ve got to keep exercising and get enough sleep, especially when I’m traveling.  I can also record my food and water intake.

Music — Gotta have my tunes!!

Kindle — Gotta have my books!!

Netflix — Gotta have my movies!!

Yelp! — Helps me find restaurants in my area and then lets me know how good or bad they are.  When the restaurant website is included I can see what they sell that I like to eat.

Vegman — Locates vegetarian and vegan restaurants.  I don’t eat meat (only fish), dairy, sugar, or bread, so the choices can be slim.  This helps me see the restaurants that have pescatarian options.

I hope this gives you some ideas for apps … the choices are boundless!

What apps to do use when you travel?  Leave a comment and let me know.  I’d love to learn from you!!