Siri, directions to my dream business, please …

Have you been clicking around the web, looking at post after post, hoping to learn enough to build your business?

I know what it’s like — it’s where I’ve been at times.  There’s so much information out there and so many voices giving me way too many choices … it gets confusing.  I’m sure you have clients in the same place.

So how can we help them and us?

In the early 80’s I moved from Laramie, WY — where I had been the Assistant Volleyball Coach at the University of Wyoming — to Nacodoches, TX to start my new job as the Head Volleyball Coach at Stephen F. Austin State University.

My best friend and I loaded her truck to the top of the camper shell with everything I owned and we headed across the midwest through Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, to arrive in East Texas.

I give you this much detail because I want to emphasize a few things:

  1. We had a target — we were driving 1100 miles in the best route we were aware of
  2. We had a bunch of maps — one for each state we went through
  3. If I took the trip today I would have chosen a different route
  4. We still got there!

The moral to the story?

You need a road map for your clients to follow – You are Siri for your clients!

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