Mistake Maker – Risk Taker

Squirrel I can
I can!

“The MOST important task of every coach, is to empower his or her athletes, giving them a better understanding of the game, while teaching them to enthusiastically move past every mistake.” John Kessel  (For the full article, visit http://goo.gl/EoxiWQ)

This is true for any type coach or mentor.  We have to help ourselves and others accept that making mistakes is all part of taking risks and foundational to embracing our perfectly imperfect selves. I love how John says, “enthusiastically move past every mistake.”  We’re not hanging our heads … we’re grabbing the opportunity to get better as a result of making that mistake.

IMPORTANT: If we play it safe all the time, we won’t make mistakes … which means we won’t grow.  And if we’re not growing then we are stagnating and even atrophying.  Flexing our risk muscles makes us stronger.  So, risk taking and risk avoiding is ‘use it or lose it’ amplified.

Mind Over Matter

Taking risks really is mind over matter, so how will you flex your risk muscles over the next few days?  You don’t have to be like that squirrel and scamper across the Grand Canyon … you do need to decide what risk will you take in order to grow in some area of your life.

Share your risk muscle workout below.  I’d love to hear how you put yourself out there … and what you learned as a result.