Mindset Monday: Throwing pots and picking out the rocks

There are so many word pictures of our relationship with our Lord — the vine and the branches and the Potter and the clay are the ones I think of most often.  In fact, the other day during I was thinking about the Potter and the clay.

I had a good friend in college who was an art major and I spent some time watching her throw pots – I never quite figured out why they call it that <smile>.  The clay that she used had been refined and purified so that there weren’t any small, medium, or large rocks or pebbles to get in the way of the molding and firing process.

I think God has a different experience with us.  As He gently holds and forms our clayness (a word I made up to describe us sitting in a lump on the wheel), God has to stop every time he comes across a small pebble … a large rock … or anything in between.

Unlike the clay that my friend worked with, God is working with our unrefined and unpurified clayness.  When He has to remove a pebble, we feel the pain — emotional, physical, spiritual — but because His hands never leave us we can lean into his molding.

Here are the words from the Potter’s Hand, by Darlene Zschech.

Beautiful Lord, wonderful Savior, I know for sure all of my days are held in Your hands, crafted into Your perfect plan.

You gently call me, into Your presence guiding me by, Your Holy Spirit teach me, dear Lord, to live all of my life through Your eyes.

I’m captured by Your Holy calling, set me apart, I know You’re drawing me to Yourself, lead me Lord I pray.

Take me, mold me, use me, fill me I give my life to the Potter’s hands.  Hold me, guide me, lead me, walk beside me, I give my life to the Potter’s hand.

Click HERE to hear this song.

Sometimes it’s hard to trust … hard to turn our lives over to God and surrender to His gentle hands — especially if we’re afraid of the growing pains.

So let’s join together in holding our hands out and letting God shape us.  I don’t believe this process is being done to us.  God works in concert with us.

I love this picture and how it reflects how God works with me to make my life pleasing to Him as I become all He created me to be.

Trust Him … as Chris Tomlin sings, “He’s a good, good Father … it’s who He is …”  Step out and trust in new ways and you will get to know the Lord, our God, in ways you could never imagine.

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