Mindset Monday: It’s not just one … it’s three things

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately … and after over two years of working to build my business I’ve come to a couple of conclusions about coaching and coaches.  There are basically three interconnected skill sets that effective coaches possess:  mindset, processes, and systems.


No matter the type of coaching you’re doing, mindset is the key that unlocks success and fulfillment.  Whether you’re a business, health and wellness, fitness, executive, direct sales, productivity, performance, career, or life coach, your clients must be working on mindset — reflecting on how they think and identify those thought patterns and mistaken beliefs so they can overcome them and reach their potential.  The bottom line … mindset matters … in fact, more than any other factor, how we think impacts how we live our lives, run our businesses, and interact with others.  Proverbs 4:23 says, “ Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts.”


Another area that coaches focus on is helping their clients identify the processes and sub-processes that enable them to run their businesses effectively.  For instance, it’s imperative that we clarify the sequence of events involved in the onboarding process —analyzing what needs to happen from the time we sign a client up through the first meeting with that client.  While it seems simple — just sign ‘em up and call ‘em on the phone — we have to spend considerable time to define and delineate all aspects of the process for it to be truly effective for the client.


Last, coaches help their clients develop systems that put feet to their processes.  Once the processes have been identified and thoroughly analyzed, it’s time to set up the systems that enable those processes to be executed.  In order for our onboarding process to work efficiently, our systems must be working — the sign-up form has to populate the correct list and send the client to the correct website where they can pay, which triggers a message to me so that I know the client has paid and I can contact them.  The systems involves websites, auto responders, integrated forms, shopping carts, and more.  Those are the feet – the backside that makes it all work.

Not all coaches are created equal — and we shouldn’t be.  We all have our strengths and weaknesses — Where are you strongest and weakest?  Mindset, processes, systems?  What do you like doing best?

Answering these questions can help you zero in on where you need to grow and where you can really shine right now.

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Have a great week.

Coaching YOU to success!!