Challenges and Surprises

Just after the first of the year I announced that I would be a contributor on the Purpose2Play website.  Since then I’ve written several pieces for the Coaches’ Corner Timeout Q&A.


My latest post Embracing Risk & Failure in Coaching was actually Kim Constantinesco’s brain child in response to my June 12th blog post, Mistake-Maker Risk-Taker.  It’s so fun when these serendipitous interactions occur.  This type of cross-listing also shows us how much our lives are intertwined.  I hope that both pieces spur you on to make some mistakes and take some risks.

While we’re talking about Purpose2Play, I’d like to share another article … this one is very close to my heart (pardon the pun).  Matt Petrero interviewed my husband, Nick, and here’s the result: Nick Toledo Makes the Most of New Heart, Eternally Grateful for a Second Chance at Life.

I have two challenges for you:

  1. Push yourself again this week and take some risks
  2. Make sure that you are signed up as a donor and talk with your family about your wishes.  Go to Donate Life America and click on the Register Now button.

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