Overcoming the Periscope Chat Limitation

Have you been on Periscope yet?  Have you Scoped?  It’s all the rage and hundreds, even thousands, of people are jumping on board.  Periscope is a great tool to extend your community and share valuable content with people.

It’s amazing how much teaching and learning is taking place on this latest tech craze.  I’ve been to several Scopes and I’ve been able to add my comments without an issue.  But sometimes, if I don’t get into the scope early enough, I get the dastardly “Sorry, the broadcast is too full” message. Argh!!

Here are a couple of suggestions for those popular Scopers and for those of you who might be thinking about doing a Scopinar (Perscope webinar) where the audience will be over 100, 150, or 200 .

A little background …

In 2010, Sharon Brown-Peters and I published an article about backchanneling we defined it as “instant messaging synchronously occurring between individuals and in groups using online tools during a live event.

Well, I’ll be … that’s what we see happening on Periscope.  While the Scoper is talking, the audience is backchanneling.  So back to my initial issue … The ARGH! of being left out of the chat.  Here are some chat and logistics strategies to give more people chances to interact during your Scopes and Scopinars.

Chat Strategies

  1. Have viewers Tweet their questions, comments, and responses to you
    1. Give them a hashtag
    2. Go back later and address these
  2. Use a backchanneling tool during your Scope – here are a couple I’ve used
    1. TodaysMeet
    2. NeatChat
    3. Provide the link often

Logistics Strategies

Use a Scope Jockey.  This person will will help you handle all the posts, add links and information, and cue you to answer questions.  Who might that be?

  1. Have one of your team members help you out
  2. If you are a solopreneur, partner with someone in one of your communities

I hope this gives you some ideas to include more people in your Scopes!!

Please let me know if you need more info or some help with implementing these strategies.  I’d love to be your Scope Jockey!!