Two Powerful Tech Tweaks to Amplify Your Message!

I was clicking around a new Facebook group that I just joined and was amazed at Facebook pages of so many people.  You probably already know that when you hold your cursor over someone’s picture or name a little preview window pops up and you can see the page information.  When I hovered, I saw a huge issue that I knew was holding these folks back.

Do you know what the issue is?

Yep, their pages were blank OR didn’t communicate anything about their businesses. 

So here’s the lesson for the day:

If you want your business to grow, take every opportunity to clearly communicate what you do.  That means you’ve got a couple of tasks to take care of on Facebook so that you can leverage this amazing marketing tool.

Marketing tasks

Task 1

You need a Facebook personal page and a Facebook business page.  Facebook doesn’t allow us to solicit business on our personal pages AND we can’t run ads on our personal pages.  So make sure that you have both pages – be sure you have a link to your business page on your personal page.

Task 2

Take a look at my Facebook page (

What do you see?

That’s right — a header image that has the following:

  • my picture
  • my name
  • a tag line that shares what I do
  • the name of my company
  • a tag line that shares the focus of my company
  • the URL to my website

Ok … your turn … go create a header for your Facebook business page.  I used Canva and you can see that it looks great.

If you’ve never tried Canva, here’s a webinar that I did last April.  A couple of the features have changed a little, but you’ll get a good idea of how it works and how quickly you can learn to use it.

Action Time!

Need some help?  Just click HERE, pick a time that fits with your schedule, and I can quickly walk you through both tasks.

I’m going to ask again about 2017 — What needs to change to make it better than 2016?  Let’s TALK about it.  I know that when we put our heads together we can create a plan to increase your revenue in 2017.