Breaking Up ISN’T So Hard to Do!

We’re still going on our Content Management journey and we’re in the last part of Content Scheduling series: Break it up!

Ok, you have your 6 months’ worth of topics from last week.  Now it’s time to flesh out at least a couple of months of sub-topics so you can start writing!!!  Whoop! Whoop!

Think about this for a minute … once you’ve created 4-5 sub-topics for each of your 6 topics, you’ll have 24-30 sub-topics.  Now that’s cool!  This gives us what we share in our weekly emails, blog posts, and/or videos.

Once you’ve created the sub-topics you can begin to curate the content.  Bring up the content that you’ve been saving and tagging in Evernote or Google Docs and start writing!!

Scaffolding Your Content

As you chunk the information, present it in an order that provides the foundational information first.  Remember, the purpose of chunking is to minimize the amount of information that you’re presenting — this keeps your audience from experiencing information overload.

In the same way, by rolling out the information in a logical manner — simple to complex — you set your readers/listeners up to be able to successfully implement what you’ve taught.  Think of it like building a house: first the foundation, then the framing, add the electrical and plumbing, then the walls, and finally the finish work.

For instance, here’s how I chunked and scaffolded the sub-topics for this Content Scheduling part of the Content Management series:

» Models to Follow
» Organizing & Curating
» Strategy Basics
» Scheduling

Repurpose – Repurpose – Repurpose

Make sure that you are reusing your content in a different information outlet.  Once you create a video, a podcast, or a blog post tweak it so that it fits in other information outlets.  You can use one of the topics and its sub-topics as an opt in.  Put it all together as an eBook.  The options are endless.


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Take Action!

So how have you done over the last 3 weeks with this part of the series?  Any muddy points?  Are you stuck anywhere?

Here’s what to do now:

Hit LEAVE A REPLY in the comments sharing

» your choice (or choices) of content outlets from Part 1
» your prioritized topics/themes from Part 2
» the sub-topics for at least one of your topics/themes from Part 3

One of my favorite things to do is brainstorm with people, so if you’d like to talk about your content scheduling plan, go HERE and choose a time to meet with me.


Making Sense of What Feels Like Nonsense

We’re on to Content Scheduling Part 2.  In Part 1 you decided on your information outlet based on the intersection of the outlet you love to use and the outlet where your ideal client hangs out.

The next step is to zero in on the content that you want to share.  So I have to ask …

What’s your passion?

Let’s step back and get a bird’s eye view of your content strategy.  Ask yourself these questions and write down the answers:

» What topics do I love?
» What topics can I talk about with confidence?
» What topics bring out my passions?
» What content do I already have that I can leverage? A course, a program, a book, etc.

Take some time and let your mind wander … try to come up with at least 25.

Once you’re finished, see if you can combine any into broader categories.  This process will help you narrow the topics down as far as you can.  Now you get to choose your favorite 10 topics … Make sure to write them down.

Last, rank each of the topics according to your passion for them:

#1 is your all-time favorite topic to talk about — #6 is the least of all your favorites

Guess what? 

You now have content for the next 6 months!  That’s right — You’ve zeroed in on 6 topics that you love to talk about.

How does that feel?  I’m whoopin’ it up for you!!

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Take Action!

Want help brainstorming topics?  Go HERE and choose a time.


Let’s Cut to the Chase … It’s Decision Time!

As we continue our Content Management journey, it’s time for Part 4, Content Scheduling.  There’s a lot to this topic, so I’ve divided it into 3-parts and this is the first in the series — so let’s get to it!

PART 1: Setting Yourself Up for Success

As I’ve talked about before, we have to decide what outlets we’re going to use — this is a foundational decision for content management.

For some of us, things get a little cloudy because there are so many options and we’re not sure how to decide which one’s best.

Here’s a quick way to figure it out — look for the intersection between the outlet you love to use and the outlet where your ideal client hangs out.  It’s like the Field of Dreams … If you post it they will come!

Let’s look at an example of why it’s so important to choose an information outlet that you love to use:

Sally doesn’t use LinkedIn because it’s too blah to her.  But she LOVE LOVE LOVES recording her message on audio.  Podcasting is a perfect info outlet for Sally.

It’s really common for people to use the information outlet that they think their followers use … But think about this with me …

While Sally couldn’t get onboard with LinkedIn, she comes alive behind the mic!  As a result, her LinkedIn posts and interactions are not going to radiate the same energy and excitement that she and her listeners experience when she shares her content on a podcast.  In the podcasts she can wholeheartedly share who she is … her passions … her drive … and most importantly, her heart.

We’re back to … IT STARTS WITH YOU.  So it’s DECISION TIME!

Answering these questions will help you:

What information outlet gets me all jazzed?

Is it Facebook, Twitter, blogging, podcasting, video?

Choose the one (or ones) that will empower you to share the best of who you are, what do, and how you serve your clients!


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Take Action!

How about taking this even deeper?  I would love spend some time with you and help you make a decision that will benefit you and your clients.

Let’s do this … Go HERE and choose a time.