Are you caught in the “not good enough” storm?

I just got back from Denver and have taken a few days off … it’s been refreshing to step away and do some reading and listen to some great Christian women speakers — I’m really enjoying Lisa Harper and have been using Canva to capture some of her amazing insights … like “We’ve put our hope in Jesus as savior, but we don’t think He likes us very much.”

Wow … that really hits the “I’m not good enough” button.  Do you feel like you’re not good enough?  It’s really common with us high achieving women.  When we peel back the layers of our hearts, we find that ugly monster, perfectionism … BOO HISS … that’s pushing us to live up to impossible standards.  Then we’re set up for those “less than” feelings.

The more we know about perfection, the better we can fight back — it’s a “personal standard, attitude, or philosophy that demands faultlessness and rejects anything less.”

Ugh … faultlessness … that’s impossible … be we still focus on it and then we’re caught in the fury of the not good enough storm inside our heads and hearts.  It’s a battle, but it can be won.

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We all know that change never seems easy … especially change in the way we think.  The Perfectionism series and the Find Your Voice group are both great steps toward calming that not good enough storm and refocusing on the FACT that God loves and adores you.