5 ways to build a solution for your ideal client’s problem

In September I was in Minnesota and visited the Mall of America for the first time.  It was pretty cool — the best part was in the middle of the mall … Was it the roller coaster? No. How about the mini golf? Huh-uh.  Not even the Crayola experience? NOPE, none of those.

It was the amazing Lego Store.  There were some larger than life Lego figures like the one I took the picture of that you see below.  The best part was the creation zone where there were tables and thousands of Legos for kids … and adults … to use to build something.  It was one of those mouth-opened moments!


So how are you at building things?

Unlike being wildly creative with Legos, when we start building out our service and/or products we have to start with a context — that is, we need to know the problem(s) we’re helping our clients solve.

So how are you doing with identifying your clients’ biggest challenges?  Did you try out Typeform?  If not, give it a go and let me know how you like it.

Ok, so once you know your clients’ pain points, it’s time to create a solution to help them overcome those challenges.  As always, I’ve got some questions for you:

  • What is your product or service?
  • What problem does it solve?
  • What results are your clients getting?

If you’re at a loss, here are 5 ways to build a solution that will solve your client’s problem.


  • Don’t try to serve everyone
  • Narrow your focus and keep it on who your ideal client is
  • Don’t give up, just make sure that your voice is clear — your message will draw your ideal client to you

Create offers for your ideals client

  • Avoid the competition trap
  • Don’t create offers to be like others in your industry
  • Be your best unique self — which takes us to #3

Create offers around your strengths and talents

  • Do what you know best
  • Showcase your skills and your clients will benefit

Clearly communicate the process that you’re going to walk them through

  • Call it a Blueprint or Success Path
  • Show your clients how to develop consistent growth with shortcuts that you’ve learned on your journey

Make sure that the outcomes of your offer are crystal clear

  • Highlight the benefits
  • Let them know the results they can expect when they work with you


We’re getting down to the wire — what are you planning for 2017?

Need some help building your offers to solve your ideal clients’ challenges?  Let’s chat — click here cheritoledo.com/chat, share your info, and pick a time that works with your schedule.

Brainstorming and problem solving are a couple of my favorite things to do!!

Coaching YOU to success,
Head Inspiration Miner