5 Crazy Easy Ways to Repurpose Your Awesome Content

It takes a lot of work to create the content that you share with your audience, so let’s talk about how you can reuse it to serve more people.  The great thing about repurposing your content is that this strategy will help you extend your sphere of service and you’ll be able to reach more people with your expertise.  A perk to this approach is that you save time … that’s right, with a few tweaks you can share your content in different ways and different places.

I’m going to assume that you have an email list and that you’re regularly sharing content with your subscribers.  So the first step is to take your emails and turn them into blog posts – which is another assumption … Do you have a blog?  If not, then we need to talk … sign up HERE for a FREE 15-minute Strategy Chat.

Here are some ideas for converting your post/email so that you can share it on other content outlets.

  1. Turn your Blog Post into a Checklist or Worksheet

This is probably the easiest transition that you can make with your content, especially if you’ve created blog/email messages that are numbered lists or steps.  Just take that info and create a document that your subscribers fill out.  If you’re creating a worksheet, you can also record a 2-3 minute audio that walks them through what you’re teaching.

  1. Turn your Blog Post Series into an eBook or Guide

When you’ve created a series of posts on a topic it’s a quick transition to put them together into an eBook or guide.  This is a great way to shift from the informality of a blog to a more authoritative information source.  You can even hire a graphic designer to make it look professional, visually attractive, and aligned to your branding.

  1. Turn your Blog Post into a Podcast

We all have our favorite way to learn and take in content.  So to attract followers who like listening to recordings, turning your blog posts into podcasts is really powerful.  Podcasts, or audio recordings, can be uploaded on our mobile devices and we can listen anywhere — this will draw people to you.  Some of the sources that I read to curate this content suggested hiring a professional through Fiverr to read your script.  I don’t agree — let your subscribers hear your voice so they can get to know you.

  1. Turn your Blog Post into a Presentation for a Webinar

Take the content from a blog post, or series of posts, and create a slide deck presentation which you present for a live or recorded webinar.  Make sure that your slide deck is image-heavy and text-light.  Create a script that you follow — the pictures on each slide represent what you’re talking about.  Post your recorded webinar and share the Vimeo or YouTube link on social media.

  1. Turn your Blog post into a Live Video

Streaming video on Facebook and Periscope is an awesome way to increase your reach.  The most important thing to remember, though, is to keep it short and sweet.  Remember the info on chunking your content?  Well, that’s what you have to do with live video — go live for short bursts … 10-15 minutes is best.  Also, choose a day and time to broadcast.  This will help build your audience.


Tweetable: Repurpose your amazing content to provide awesome value & connect people to you.

These repurposing tips will help you extend your reach and increase the value of your content creation/curation labor.  Once you start multi-purposing your content and using social media to share it, you’ll see your following grow.




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