🎼 Who are you? … Who? Who? … Who? Who? 🎤

That’s the Million Dollar Question and that’s the question that people want to know.

As coaches, entrepreneurs, and business owners we are seeking to build a tribe of people who we can serve with our services and products.  Those potential clients need to fully understand our messages … So I have to ask … Are you crystal clear on your message?

In fact, are you clear on your strengths, talents, gifts, abilities, and calling?  The more clear you are on who you are the more easily people will understand your message.  In fact, when you find the intersection between your gifts/talents and the true needs of the people you want to serve you’ve found THE SWEET SPOT! bullseye

That’s where the fun … the fulfillment … and the JOY happen!

My most precious times as a coach, are the times when I witness my clients’ ah-ha moments … those instances when I see the twinkle in their eyes because they made the connection.  WOW!  It makes me smile just thinking about how fun that is.

Let’s go back to the $100M question: Who are you?  You see it’s more about who you BE, than what you DO.  I know, bad grammar, but you get what I’m saying … our BEINGNESS is what draws us to that place where we are fully expressing all of who we are — that’s where we find our voice.

IT’S TIME TO FIND YOUR VOICE — I want you to be able to rattle off your talents, abilities, and your message … and share them so effectively that people can make a decision whether to join you or not.

You see, it’s not about getting everyone to join your tribe — it’s about sharing who you are and what you’re all about so that the right people will be naturally drawn to you.


Click HERE and let’s zero in on who you are — your gifts, talents, abilities, calling, and message — I can help you FIND YOUR VOICE.  And then let’s put together a plan that you can implement right away.

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